1.1 Definitions: In these Terms of Service and in all documents herein incorporated by reference, the following words shall have the following meanings, unless otherwise specified

1.1.1. "AML" means anti-money laundering; 1.1.2. "Affiliates" means ALLKY (token) and each and every one of its respective shareholders, subsidiaries, employees, contractors, agents, directors, officers, partners, affiliates, insurers, and attorneys; 1.1.3. "CTF" means counter-terrorism financing; 1.1.4. "Digital Assets" means crypto assets or blockchain-based rights, or other similar digital representations of rights or assets; 1.1.5. "ALLKY (token); 1.1.6. "ALLKY (token) BLOCKCHAIN" means the native blockchain of ALLKY (token) hosted by the Validator, Accelerator, and Witness nodes. 1.1.7. "ALLKY (token) CRYPTOCURRENCY Community" means the users and developer community around the infrastructure, code, and development of ALLKY ALLKY (token) 1.1.8. "Person" includes an individual, association, partnership, corporation, other corporate body, trust, and any form of organization or legal entity; 1.1.9. "Personal Information" means information about an individual, company, organization, or other identifiable entity, but does not include the name, title, business address, or telephone number of an employee of a company, organization, or other entity; 1.1.10. "Prohibited Jurisdictions" means the United States, Belarus, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Crimea region of Ukraine, Croatia, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. 1.1.11. "Prohibited Use" has the meaning set forth in paragraph 6 of these Terms of Service; 1.1.12. "Service" means any of the services, functions, or features offered on the Site or through it; 1.1.13. "Site" means the ALLKY.ALLKY (token).io Internet site 1.1.14. "Terms of Service" means these terms and conditions of service, as may be amended or updated from time to time without prior notice, including the following policies and pages of the Site: the Privacy Policy and the Risk Disclosure Statement. 1.1.15. "User" means a Person who accesses or uses the Site or any of the Services; 1.1.16. "User Data" means any data, information, and materials provided or uploaded by a User on the Site or using any of the Services.

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