Launchpad and Asset Creation

Currently, there are many companies and platforms that allow users to create their own tokens and, following this trend, the Allky platform will also have this service, allowing the user to create their own crypto asset, we will offer from the expert service to customers and users who have the knowledge to create and structure your own token, NFT or Smart contract to the layman who needs a broader or dependent consultancy and development, we are talking about the user creating his own project using the project creation area of the platform or hiring these same services in ALLKY's manufacturing area, aimed at development and consulting with our experienced team, whether by its own creation or contracting the service, the customer can still count on the launch and listing of their project in the Allky ecosystem through the launch platform.

Launchpads are platforms that allow a project to be launched before it is available on the market, a process that is also known as pre-sale. Launch platforms are increasingly common in the cryptocurrency market. In the case of Allky's launch platform, users will have a differential: create their own project and launch it on the platform itself. In addition, the Allky launch platform will feature the launch of tokens audited by the Allky team and also by its partners, with KYC verification and legal contracts, which will offer greater security for investors. It is important to note that each investor will be responsible for their decision making.

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