Allky Platform

Simple, fast, complete and safe!

The Allky platform is an ecosystem designed to meet the needs of its users. It emerged from the merger between two projects, REIBIT and Fanáticos Cash, both with the same interest in filling the gaps when it comes to making investments in the cryptocurrency world.

Currently, it has been observed that many people are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, however, they do not have the necessary knowledge to do so, thus causing discontent, distrust and even losses due to fraudulent investments, thinking precisely about this issue, the platform will help companies people in acquiring knowledge on how to invest in crypto assets, taking their first steps in the market, as well as general knowledge about the technologies surrounding the cryptocurrency market, personal audits and many more categories that will help keep your capital safe.

To sustain and reinforce this knowledge management and investment security, we provide a robust ecosystem with a complete range of investment tools and modalities in the sector, providing users with comfort and security when investing.

Through our internal platform blockchain where each and every action is recorded immutably, the user is carefree about their assets and their investment scales in various ways on the platform, from the simplest such as “passive income with cryptocurrencies” to more complex investments. such as “buying and selling”, “acquisition of new assets”, “application in holder”, and much more.

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