Marketplace, DEFI and Smart contract

The marketplace system is an e-commerce platform that brings together different types of merchants and products in one place. It works as a virtual mall, where users can purchase diversified products in one place. The Allky platform will have a marketplace, in which it will be possible to sell various products through payments made through tokens or cryptocurrencies, in addition to providing the process between customers, we will also have a differentiated affiliate system, where the common user will have the option sell a Token, NFT, product or service without even telo, that even through referral and resale the user will be able to sell something from another user who put it up for sale and earn percentages on sales, something revolutionary that has not yet been seen in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is imagined that people can work more flexibly, as they can indicate any crypto asset, product or service listed on our marketplace without even owning it and still earn incredible percentages.

Defi is the same as decentralized finance, they are an experimental form of finance that does not rely on any kind of central financial intermediary, such as brokers, exchanges or banks. Instead, it makes use of smart contracts or the blockchain network. On the Allky platform, users will have the option to work with their crypto assets through decentralized finance, investing directly in the projects of their choice.

Smart contracts are a self-executing computer protocol, which was created from the popularization of cryptocurrencies around the world. They were made to facilitate and reinforce the negotiation or performance of a contract, thus providing greater reliability in carrying out online transactions. The Allky platform will make the creation of smart contracts available to its users.

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