Participation in Platform Fees and Profits

in a distributed way, that is, Allky holders will receive part of the profit distribution, the amounts and eligibility are backed by the investment category that the user is allocated, let's see:

Masternodes were born with the purpose of providing services, enabling a unique form of governance and economy across the blockchain technology ecosystem. Investors opting for masternodes receive 65% of the income from the blocks sequentially per row, each masternode receives a block from the first to the last existing masternode with a cycle restarted after the last one, in addition to this income they earn 5% of the profits of the Allky platform that is distributed to them, being proportional to the amount allocated by masternode, this distribution is monthly.

Hold is a long-term investment strategy, which generally corresponds to a period longer than one year. This practice is considered very common and also very efficient in the cryptocurrency market, and it will be very beneficial for those users who keep their Allky tokens on hold, because in addition to the fixed income of the chosen plan, Allky Token holders have another 10% of the platform profits that are distributed according to the proportion of Allkys that are allocated in hold, this distribution is fortnightly.

The ALLKY VIP group is formed by the main investors and influences of the ReiBit and Cash Fanatics projects, this council has the duty and voting power towards the project, this means that the most important demands of the ALLKY project will also count with the opinion and vote of this council, new vacancies are occasionally opened for this group and the requirements for its participation are available on the platform, being on this council requires work and participation, for this reason 20% of the platform's profits is distributed in equal amounts to its members, this distribution it's weekly.

All forms of profit sharing are subject to their respective requirements, failure to meet these requirements leads to the user's illegibility in the participation and distribution of these values and other bonuses or benefits arising from the same ideology of the platform.

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